Monday, 18 March 2013

Hello There Stangers

Well hello there everyone,

I hope that you are all well. I think I should probably start with apologising for not posting for a month! I know naughty (slaps back of hand) I have been very busy recently, organising my birthday party because I am turning 21 in just under 3 weeks, and I have got myself a new job *yay*. It is only a part time job at the moment but it will hopefully be increasing in hours and that kind of thing which is a good thing! I am starting to feel more positive about everything at the moment and life seems to be going good!

So there is a few posts that I have planned and am going to be writing them up as soon as I possibly can and getting them out there for you all.

I am very sorry again for being away and I will be around a lot more from now on.

I now have instagram which is Kayleigh_jane16, so go and follow me over there :D

Lots of Love