Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year Excitement

Hiya everyone, so as it is not technically New Years Eve where i am in England i thought id write a post about it. So basicaly it is one of my favorite nights of the year, even from when i was a little girl, even though alot of things have changed since then. When i was younger i would always spend it at my Nan and Grandad's house,

This is my amazing Nan and Grandad, :) we always used to have a meal at their house and then my Grandad would get far too excited about all of the fireworks and would set them off just after midnight, which we would always watch from London on the TV. However since i have got older I have been going out with my Mum. Except from last year the 3 New Years before we had lived in a pub so it was always a very big deal and we had kareoke and that kind of thing in there so that was always alot of fun. This year i think will be the first year that i am not going to be with any of my family. I had been asked to go back to Liverpool to my Uni but i didnt want to do that, i am actually going to the pub that we used to live in as when im at home it is still my local and probably always will be. :) But i am going there with my fabulous Boyfriend Steve!

This is Me and Steve at my end of 6th form prom, which was about 18 months ago, we havent had a new picture recently so hopefully we will have one tonight, even though he is working on the door of the pub :( But there will be alot of our friends in there too watching the band, who i love. :) They are called Slug! this is a link to one of my favorite songs of theirs on Youtube so check them out! They mainly do covers of old what i would class as pop-rock songs (sorry if thats wrong) but i have got a massive obsession with old music of this sort and i cannot wait to see in the New Year with them, I have not yet decided what i am wearing or anything like that so hopefully tomorrow i will and i will post pictures and things like that for you! :)

I am going to be taking my camera with me so hopefully i will get some good pictures to put up a post on here for you. In the New Year i am going to be doing alot more blogging, probably about my life and what i am getting up to, So i wish you all a Happy New Year :)


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