Monday, 2 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve! I certainly did, and as it is the new year i thought i would do a post on my 2012 resolutions for you. To me they shouldnt be things just because you think you should or that you know you wont be able to do. They should be things that you want to do and think will be acheiveable.

  1. I want to spend my money wisely, I spend alot of my money on things that I dont need and I would rather not do that and save it up for 'A rainy day' or for something in perticular.
  2. I want to pass my driving test, this kind of links in with the first one as if i save money I will be able to afford to pass quicker and will be able to pay for it.
  3. I want to try out more recipies. I absolutely love cooking and since moving to Uni i have already started this but i want to do it more. I have a massive collection of cook books and they dont really get used so I want to try more things out of them.
  4. I am going to make more effort to see my family, as I do not see much of my Dad's side of the family, and along the same line my friends. As most of them are at Uni I dont get to see them very often unless we are all home at the same time so I am going to make plans to go and see them or for them to came and stay with me.
  5. I want to get my teeth straightened. Over the last about 6 months i have had alot of work done on my teeth under IV sedation and now they are all repaired and I had many taken out, (I do have a massive fear of dentists aswell) so seen as i went through about 5 hours worth of treatment I think that I might as well get braces to make them look how i want them to.
So here are all of my resolutions for 2012. I am really looking forward to this year and I hope that you are too! I did take some photographs on NYE and I am going to upload them when I get my camera back from my boyfriends house, I have got some of the fireworks we had too! So I thought for now I would just add 1 photo that one of my friends took! :)

This was after many drinks and at about 3:00am!
See you all soon


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