Monday, 9 January 2012

Love: Body Shop!

Hi guys, so today I went to the Body Shop because I saw that they had a sale on, I only bought 2 things but they were such good deals! Firstly I got the Lychee Blossom Body Butter, I got the 200ml size and it was on sale for an amazing £5.00!! Down from £12.50!! Hence why I couldnt resist buying it! :)

I am a massive fan of the Body Shop Body Butters and have got 2 others, Cranberry and Mango, but I had never actually seen this fragrance one before so I smelt it in the shop and smelt absolutely devine so I had to have it! I am a lover of fruity scents anyway so this is right up my street! It says that it is for normal to dry skin which is perfect for me as my skin changes. Depending on the weather etc. It does contain Lychee extract aswell so I bet that is the reason it smells so yummy! :) I also think the packaging is amazing too! I love the bright pink pot with the white lid and the label has flowes on, I think that it looks really summery. I took a picture beforeIi used it tonight after I got out of the shower so that it wasnt used on the photo. But I have used this tonight and it doesnt dissapoint. The smell is just as good if not better on your skin and it lasts for a very long time! It also seemed to sink into my skin very quickly, I put my PJ's on after a couple of minutes. I definately love this body butter and am so glad that I purchaced it, even at its full price of £12.50 i I think that it is worth the money and I would definately repurchase at the full price!

The second product that I bought was the Cranberry Joy shower gel. This was priced at £2.00! I am not too sure how much it should have been but £2.00 is great for me for a 250ml product! The reason I purchased this is because the Cranberry Body Butter is my favorite one that the Body Shop does and i always get one for christmas! My Auntie was the one to get it for me this year! it has been different names in the past but it still seems like exactly the same product.

This is the bottle, I love the packaging and it smells amazing aswell! The shower gel itself was very good too, didnt feel drying on my skin and lathered up great into a foam, (I hate shower gels that dont do that!!)

So anyway i hope you all liked this and i may have inspired you to pop out and see what they have in your local Body Shop! The boy in the store told me that it was on for another week or 2 so get cracking :)


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