Monday, 13 August 2012

All Used Up #2

Hi everyone

So this is going to be my 2nd all used up products post. I did one at the end on may and then haven’t done one since so this is about 2 and a half months’ worth of used up products so there is quite a lot, also I quite often have a few of the same sort of thing going at once so that’s why there is a few similar sort of products.

 Firstly I have 3 of my very favourite deodorant, it is the only one that I can use that doesn’t make me come out I a rash, kind of gross I know but every girl needs deodorant. It smells lovely and it works great for me, and yes I have repurchased it already and I will continue to. I always have a couple on the go in my gym bag and on my dressing table.

Next I have 2 packs of face wipes, at the top are Tesco cucumber Face Wipes, I got these to give them a try out as when I went they didn’t have any of my normal ones, and to be honest I didn’t really like them, apart from the smell. The smell of them is beautiful but they weren’t very soft and they dried out very quickly, even when you were using them. I would not repurchase these again.  

At the bottom are Johnsons Daily Essentials Refreshing face wipes. I have used these for a while now and they are my go to face wipes. I absolutely love them. They smell lovely and don’t dry out quickly at all. I have already repurchased these ones and the oil control ones to see which ones will work best for my skin.

Next I have 2 of my absolute always go to eye makeup remover the Garnier Simply Essentials soothing eye makeup remover, to me this is the best thing I have ever tried, it doesn’t sting my eyes, it removes everything and I just absolutely love it, I think that this was in my previous all used up video too, I have repurchased a new one as it is my holy grail.

 Next I have 3 different foundations. I have had all of these going at the same time. Firstly I have the Clinique anti-blemish solutions liquid makeup. This I absolutely loved, I thought that it did actually help the blemishes that I had. I loved the coverage it gave and the colour match was perfect for me. I haven’t repurchased this one as I am trying a different Clinique foundation at the moment as they are my favourite foundations by far.

The second one is the Clinique perfectly real makeup. This was the first Clinique foundation that I ever used and to be honest it is my least favourite that I have tried up until now, however I still do like it just not as much as the others I have tried I think that it was a little bit too thick and went a bit patchy. For these reasons I don’t think I will be repurchasing it.

The last one is my favourite drug store foundation. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. I absolutely love this foundation, it gives me the most lovely looking skin, even when my skin isn’t at its best. I think that the Bourjois foundations are the best colour matches for me in the drug store. I haven’t yet repurchased this but I am going to.

Next I have 3 body lotions that all came in sets with the perfumes that they have the same scent as. There is Ghost Deep Night, Fergie Outspoken & Christina Aguilera. I still have all 3 of the actual perfumes and love all of them, however I don’t think that I will be rebuying any of them, because I prefer my body lotions to be lighter smelling.

 Both of these Clinique products are in miniature, I have them both in the big bottles and have been using these ones in my bag when I go to the gym. I really love both of the products. The face wash isn’t my favourite of the ones that I have but I still use it on a regular basis. The moisturiser is my everyday does nothing fancy but keeps my skin hydrated product. As I have said I have them both in large bottles so I don’t need to repurchase them, but I think I would if they ran out.

This is one of my favourite hair care products. Avon Lotus Shield leave in treatment.  I had actually forgotten that I had this. But I have recently used it all up and I can categorically say that I absolutely love it. It has been leaving my hair really soft and easy to manage between washes. At the moment I don’t have an Avon rep, but when i get one I will be repurchasing it.

 Lastly this is my Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner in Blackest Black, I have already got 2 of these on standby, this is how much I love this eyeliner, it is absolutely amazing. I have always and will always repurchase it.

It seems that this time I have had a lot of products that I have loved and not many that I haven’t, I think that I may be using my favoured products first! :P

Have any of you had any recent empties?

Lots Of Love

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