Monday, 3 December 2012

Getting Christmassy!

Hey guys,
This is just such a random post but I have been getting so much into the Christmas spirit recently and I have been having a bit if a random faf around with photo editing programs online, seen as they are things that I am not exactly the best at, so I decided to get a little Christmassy with some photos. SO here you go!

Top Left - My Thorntons advent calender. Top Right - Colony Vanilla & Cranberry & Yankee Cranberry Chutney candles. Bottom Left - My Christmas mug with Earl Grey tea *NOM* Bottom Right - 2 little Christmas decorations I have dug out! 

So I hope that you are all good and getting into the Christmas spirit as much as I am

Lots of Love


  1. cute post i really need to work on a holiday post! tis the season :) new follower

    1. Aww thanks very much! :) im the most christmassy person in my family! absolutely love it! :) xxxx