Monday, 17 December 2012


Hi guys, So if you follow me on Twitter (@BeautyByNumbers) then you will already have seen one of these photos, but I thought that I would put them on here in a little post for you guys.

So this year is the first year that I have had a real Christmas tree at my house, which I was very excited for. It is tradition in my family to all go together and buy our real trees from somewhere near to us. On Saturday Me, My Auntie & Uncle, Grandad & Uncles 2 Granddaughters all went to get 2 Christmas Trees, this was so much fun and we had breakfast afterwards and that kind of thing, these 2 trees were for at my Nan & Grandads house and my Auntie & Uncles house. I wasn't allowed to get mine until today because there were still things that needed to be moved around from when we first moved in! (Which yes was in July!!) So instead, Me, My Mum & Stepdad went to get ours today. We had to go to 2 different places because the 1st place (where we had gotten them from on Saturday) barely had any left at all. But we did finally get one and me and my mum put it up. (With help from my Stepdad hacking at the bottom of it with his shark knife so we could get it in the stand) We have also decorated it and everything and I am so happy with how it looks.

So this is our tree! Doesn't it look sooooo pretty!

There also was another reason I decided to do this post because I thought what best time for the first outing of my Christmas jumper, was going to get the Christmas tree.

This is my Christmas jumper! I absolutely love it, it was from the men's section in Primark and cost just £10, I had been looking for one for ages and this was my favorite of all of the ones I had seen or tried on!

What do all of you guys Christmas trees look like? And have you got a Christmas jumper?

Lots of Love

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