Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Well helloo there! Long-time no see! I do apologise for being away for like 2 weeks, but Christmas and New Year just got in the way. I had far too much to do and sort out along with going to see family and that kind of thing you do at Christmas time. I am at the minute just sat on my bed in my newly moved around bedroom, I spent the whole day yesterday sorting, cleaning and moving my whole bedroom around and today my arms are killing me! I decided I wanted to sit down and blog, but I don’t really know what about to be honest with you all so this may get a bit rambly. I Apologise.

So I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year and spent it with people that really matter. (As well as Santa bringing you what you want) I had a great Christmas, Christmas Eve I spent the day helping my Mum & Auntie prepare everything for the party that we have at our house that night with all my Step-Dad’s side of the family, which I really enjoyed. Then I went and got my Christmas Jumper & Santa Hat on and enjoyed the party with my little cousins and aunties and uncles for a few hours. At about 9:30 me and my boyfriend Chris went out into our town for a drink and to see some of our friends (which didn’t last very long because Chris was a little merry *SHHHHH*) so we came home and had some food and then went to bed. Christmas morning, Chris had to go home to see his family so we got up and had some breakfast and then he went home. My brother and his girlfriend came home at about 11, so then we opened some presents and got ready. Me and my mum then walked around to my Nan’s house to help get the dinner ready which we normally eat about 2:30pm. After lunch we had some presents at my nans and then came back to my house where Chris came back to so we could see each other and give each other our presents. I may be strange but I love Boxing Day, me & Chris went up to our town to meet some of our friends and have some lunch. It was a lovely day. 

New Year was pretty standard TBH! Go out, get drunk, watch the count down, and go home. It was a good night, there only ended up being me, Chris and one of our friends originally but then we met up with some of our other friends later on. It was a nice night and nice to spend it with people that mattered and in our local pub. 

So this post has ended up being what I did over Christmas and New Year, I hope that I didn’t bore you too much! 

What did you all get up to over Christmas & New Year?

Lots of Love

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