Sunday, 13 January 2013

Healthy Eating & My Lunch

Hey guys, I know that I am doing a lot of random rambly posts at the moment, I just get the urge to sit here and chat to you all, I just wish that I had the confidence to make some youtube videos so then I could actually verbally randomly ramble at you all. Oh well maybe that will come with some time.

So if you have seen my New Year’s Resolutions post that I put on at the start on January then you will know that I am trying to loose weight and I think that this post may well be the start of my plan, if you get what I mean. (god I don’t half ramble so much) anyway, if you watch MissBudgetBeauty’s youtube channel or read her blog you may have seen that she bought some of the Warburtons Square Wraps. Well I went out food shopping today and bought myself some to make healthier lunches for myself.

I got the brown ones because white bread isn’t really my kind of thing. I much prefer brown bread. So when I got back from shopping I made myself some a ‘pizza’ with one of them and it was soo tasty!

I used one of the wraps, topped it with tomato puree, red onion, courgettes, chorizo and a little bit of grated cheese. (if you know me, you will know that cheese is not one of my favourite things) I thought that it was one of the nicest things I have made myself in a long time. I usually stick to the same sort of things like pasta salad and stir fry’s. But I think I have now found myself a new meal that I can make myself that isn’t too bad for me.

The wraps have 187 Kcal each which I don’t think is too bad, I know that I had cheese and chorizo on it which both have fat in them but in my opinion It is so much better for me than a normal frozen pizza that you would buy from the supermarket, also the fact that you can have whatever you want on it, which is what I did.

So this is one of my first steps to me loosing some weight. Trying to find some healthier options to the things that I normally like to eat. I do have some other steps that I have made/thought of over the last few weeks. 

1  1-  Cut down/change what I am drinking– I love going to the pub with my boyfriend and our friends and watching the football or playing darts and having a laugh, but I know the my favourite tipple (cider & blackcurrant) is not the best thing for me when I am trying to loose weight. So I have decided that when I go out I am going to start having one drink then either some water or soda and cordial that wont be as bad for me or have as many calories in. also I am going to try and stop drinking cider *sobs* and have something like vodka, pineapple juice and soda (which is amazing if you have never tried it) because this has a lot less calories in than cider. 

     2 - Try and calm down my sweet tooth – I probably have the worlds worst sweet tooth ever, I get such a craving for chocolate, sweets, ice-cream and everything similar to that. I have always loved everything in that sort of food group shall we say. So I just need to make sure that I don’t just give in to my cravings and try and have something else that is better for me to try and get rid of that. At the moment I am not too cure what that is yet thought. 
3 - Stop snacking – I snack quite often between meals, especially when I am dieting. Because I cut my portion sizes down, but I think that I may be cutting them down a little bit too much, so I think I may need to give myself realistic portions (of food that is good for me, i.e more vegetables and that sort of thing) and then I hopefully will be able to not snack in between meals.

So this is where I'm going to stop my ramblings for this post. There may be another post this evening seen as I am having a quite nice time just chatting randomly.

Have any of you got any recipes or ideas for some healthy eating that you could share with me?

Lots of love

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