Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Battle Of The Caramel Hot Chocolates

Hi guys, so this is pretty much going to be a random post for me! If you know me in person you will know that I absolutely love Caramel Hot Chocolates, especially those from Costa! Anyway I obviously can not afford to go and have one of those every time I want a hot drink, so I have been testing out instant caramel flavoured ones at home.

I tested 3 different ones

Cadbury Highlights Caramel

Options Dreamy Caramel

Weight Watchers Caramel

Nutritional Information: Per Serving: 40 calories, 1.2g protein, 5.5 g Carbohydrates, Sugars 3.7 g, Fat 1.1g, Saturates 0.9g Fibre 1.7g, Salt 0.3g

So I have tried each one and will just say that they are all really nice. I make mine with milk instead of water because I think that they taste nicer and I don’t have that much dairy in my diet so it always helps to get a bit extra in. No they are not as nice as the ones that you buy from say Costa but for an instant hot chocolate they are delicious. I find also that I do not need to add any more sugar to them when they are the caramel flavour ones as opposed to the normal chocolate ones.

Anyway my verdict – my favourite was definitely the Options one. It was lovely and creamy when made with milk and tasted the closest to the ones that you get from Costa. Wasn’t too sweet and mixed well into the milk and didn’t end up tasting powdery (which is my biggest bug bear with instant hot chocolate) the only downside to this one is that as far as I can find you can only buy it in the individual sachets and not in a big tub, which makes it a lot more expensive.

My least favourite was the weight watchers one, I just didn’t think that it really tasted of much and tasted very fake and powdery and out of 3 I tried it just didn’t match up, you can get this one in a big tub as well as sachets but I just don’t think that I could be buying it again.

The Highlights isn’t far off the Options one to be honest it is just a bit too sweet for me. That is really the only big swinging point for me. Depending on how much of a sweet tooth you have you may prefer one to the other. But I would recommend them both :) the Highlights one you can also buy in a big jar as well as the sachets.

Anyway guys I know that this was random but I hope that you liked it.

If you have hot chocolate at home, what is your favourite?

Lots of Love 


  1. love this post, only tried the mint options one. Want the hazelnut one as well! xx

    1. Ooh i absolutely love the mint one as well :) xx