Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

Hey Guys,

So I did the same post as this last year, letting you know what my New Year’s resolutions are. I have seen a lot of people making videos or blogging about theirs and I really enjoy reading them. So I thought I would add mine. 

1 – Pass My Driving Test – this is one that is the same as last year unfortunately. It was very nearly completed as I have taken my test twice in October and November last year and I unfortunately failed both of them. However I have it again very soon so hopefully this will be quickly done and dusted. 

2 – Start Playing Golf Again – I used to play golf a lot when I was younger, I played from when I was 9 years old until I was 18. So I haven’t played for 2 years, I used to absolutely love it. In April of last year I started working at a golf club and it just made me want to play again so much! So I have now decided that this is the year! I want to start playing properly and get better, I have wanted to get a hobby again after I stopped dancing so this is going to be it! 

3 – Look After Myself – this is kind of broad and it covers a lot of things. From eating better, cooking my own meals instead of having takeaways, making sure I take my makeup off at night, to exercising more & losing some weight. I have put this all under one because I think that most of them tie into each other and will all together make me feel better about myself. 

4 – Believe In Myself – yes this may sound stupid but it is something that I really need to do! I have very little self-belief at all, and my boyfriend is always telling me that I need to, so I am trying to make myself think positively about things around me, and myself. I am a very pessimistic person, and I just need to try and see the good in things & myself. If you have read my Body Confidence post then you will understand this one. 

5 – Plan – lastly this one again covers a few things, I am a list maker, and I love writing things down, they help me to remember things. Maybe that is why I like blogging. So I think that I need to plan what I am doing with my time and myself, Chris bought me a beautiful not book for Christmas so I am going to carry this around with me so that I can write myself notes and lists. Secondly which may sound strange is for the future. I want to start saving money up for the future and try and make sure that I keep myself in good stead for if there is anything I need to do in the future.

So that is all of my resolutions. Have you wrote any New Year’s Resolutions?
Lots of Love

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