Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lets Call A Spade A Spade!

Yes I know I have been a terrible blogger! :( *slaps own wrist* I am not going to sit here and make excuses because it’s not really what I want to write about to be honest. However I will say that I have had a few issues going on recently with some of my family so I have been putting that and work as a high priority in my life at the moment.

Anyway now that is out of the way I just feel like sitting here and talking to you all, seen as life has been a bit, shall I say poo recently, I have decided that I need to sort myself out and make the most of myself as much as I can. So I have been thinking about some things that I want to do so that I can work towards slapping myself round the face and telling myself to get a grip.

1-      Absolutely gut my wardrobe – I have spent so long buying clothes because they look good on my friends or because I want to wear that style, even if it doesn’t suit me. I am also very bad at throwing things out, I’m a little bit of a hoarder (my mother would disagree, she thinks I am the world’s worst hoarder) however I am not getting to the point where I have lots of clothes that I don’t wear and that I don’t like, so instead of just throwing them away, I am going to give them to a local charity shop, this also links in with another thing that I want to do which is ‘do something good for somebody else’

2-      Go to the gym at least twice a week – I have gone and got myself a gym membership because I am fed up of feeling lazy and groggy, I do actually really enjoy going to the gym and going swimming, and this is the package I have got at my local gym. So whether it’s the gym twice or 1 gym session and 1 swimming session, I am going to try my best to make myself stick to it!

3-      Lose some weight – I have said this to my mum and I got a grilling from her, telling me that I am fine the way I am and all that malarkey (that stuff mums say because they have to) but I want to do it for me, nobody else, I am a size 12/14 at the moment and id be happy being a 10/12, I know I am never going to be a tiny skinny mini, I am not built that way and neither is anyone from my family (minus my twin brother but he is like a stick insect, all arms and legs so we don’t count that)

4-      Start saving – money I mean, I am terrible at saving money! Like really terrible, money burns a hole in my pocket; however I need to start getting myself some savings together so that I can eventually hopefully move out of home into my own place. (or hopefully our own place)

5-      Be more positive – I am a bit of a negative person, I think that everything is going to go wrong, that everybody is saying something about me or that im going to get bad news. I am a bit of a paranoid weirdo really, however I want to be a lot more positive about things, so I am going to get some motivational quotes in my bedroom so that I can look at them and try and make myself more positive.

There are a few more things but I think that 5 is enough for a blog post, I will keep you guys updated as to how I get on.

Have any of you set yourselves any targets recently?

Lots of Love


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