Sunday, 2 June 2013

What I Have Been Loving This Week

Hi Guys, 

So I have decided to go more lifestyle on here and I hope that you are all going to like this change. I have decided to do each week a ‘what I have been loving this week’ post. Which can be anything that is as random as I like, which is the way that my personality is. So without further a do,

Me & Chris, Yes I know its a little cringe worthy but I do love this boy

1-      Tea, I have been loving Earl Grey tea, it is my favourite kind of tea anyway but I have got back into having ‘a brew’ again and I have been loving it.
2-      My Cat, I have had my cat since I was 4 and she is the little love of my life, she is called Missy and she is a Tabby cat, she has taken to sleeping in my bedroom and on the end of my bed which is lovely when you are snuggling up to go to sleep.
3-      Lunch with the Boyfriend, We normally do this every Sunday afternoon at our golf club after he has finished playing. I do not play on a Sunday but Chris plays most Sundays at silly o clock in the morning (Yes that’s an actual time, normally around 7:30) and we sit and have lunch together and chat with our friends and it is lovely.
4-      Friends, This is more towards the fact that my friends are all coming back from Uni at the moment and this makes me very happy.
5-      Darts, yes this is very very weird, but I play in a ladies darts team for my local pub and have played since I was 14 when I used to live in a pub, and we have a game every Tuesday night, I have started playing for a new team and I am enjoying it so much, anyways, I played in a fun knockout with my boyfriend’s friends on Wednesday and I got to the final out of 8, which I was very happy about.
6-      Music, I have really got back into having my ipod with me and listening to music a lot again, I have been getting some new music together for on my ipod and in my car which I love.
7-      Driving in the sun, kind of self-explanatory, but the last 2 weekends where I live have been nice and sunny and I love driving with my windows down singing to cheesy music :)  yes I know I'm sad!

So anyway guys this is what I have been loving this week, I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will speak to you again in a few days :)

What have you been loving recently?
Lots of Love

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