Thursday, 1 August 2013

I Do Love A Good Ramble,

Hi Everyone,

So once again I think this may be a bit of a ramble/moan about things that I doubt you will even care about but it helps me to vent things. Haha! *wow way to start positive :/*

I’m just going to jump straight into the point of this post, I am unhappy with myself at the moment. I don’t mean my life or anything like that, I mean me as an individual. Yes it is very self-indulgent but I’m on about my weight and how I’m looking at the moment. I have never really been a skinny mini, let’s face it, I have a bum and boobs and a bit of a belly! And it has never bothered me before because I don’t want to look like a stick insect or anything like that, that’s not who I am. But recently the weight has been creeping on bit by bit and now I have decided that enough is enough! But I struggle with the motivation. I have the best intentions in the world but I get lazy, in all honesty. I have looked in the mirror a few times recently and I didn’t think I could be so critical of myself!! I have always liked the fact that I have curves and am proud of that! But I am starting to think now I could be a bit thinner and still have curves.

I am fed up of trying to get ready to go out and struggling to find things I want to wear that I feel comfortable in, my favourite clothes just feeling that little bit tighter than they were and going shopping and not being able to find anything that suits me or fits me. And now is the time to do something about it I think. So I already have a gym membership (which has been a little neglected)  so I am going to try and plan time for the gym, time to go and have a swim etc. cut out takeaways and chocolate and try and eat smaller portions. I know it seems like quite a lot but I think its what I need to do! I don’t want to ‘crash diet’ or anything like that! I want it to be healthy and not make me ill!

So after all of that rambling, I want a little bit of your help please J if you know of any brilliant health, fitness, diet, food, motivational blogs please please let me know, I want to read as many as I possibly can and get as many ideas and tips and hopefully motivate myself back into good shape. I thank you for your help in advance guys, and if any of you are on a healthy journey, or have a good story which you have blogged about please let me know those as well.


Lots of Love




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  1. I don't have a fitness blog but I know how you feel I am down about my weight too. Let me suggest drink LOTS of water. Drink it before, during, and after your meal. I lost three pounds in 2 weeks doing this. I know it's not a lot but did make my clothes feel better. Amber from