Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Candle Love: Colony - Vanilla & Cranberry

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all okay. I know I haven’t posted on here for nearly a week but I haven’t really known what to blog about. However I am at home at the moment (Instead of University) and I had an idea. As some of you may know I absolutely adore candles! They are one of my favourite things in the world and a major thing that I hate about my university halls. (we are not allowed them) so I thought that I would tell you about my favourite candle of the moment.

With Flash

Without Flash

This is the Colony Vanilla and Cranberry candle. I absolutely love the smell of this and as you can probably tell by the pictures it is almost at the end. *sadface* and I really wish that I had bought some more of these as they were Christmas collection candles. I have been trying to find some of them online but at the moment I am struggling, I do have another Colony candle in a different scent that I got when I bought this one which I am going to start burning once I have finished this one.

Fruity scents are my absolute favourite when it comes to candles, as well as vanilla, which is what I think makes me absolutely love this candle. I am going to go on a mission to find some more of these candles or something similar, even as a massive candle lover I still have not tried Yankee Candles, so I think that this may have to be one of my next purchases. Even though I have no idea where I should start with them, so if any of you have any recommendations for some really nice ones please let me know.

As I am moving back home from university at the end of March I think I am going to get myself some nice new candles for then, so when I have been on the shopping spree I will haul them for you on here. I shall have to see what I can find.

So I know that this post was quite short and sweet, but I will think of some other posts I can put up soon and hopefully have some more interesting posts for you very soon.

Lots of love



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