Saturday, 11 February 2012

First Ever Fake Eyelashes

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all okay. This is only going to be a very short post but there will hopefully be another on later today or tomorrow.
I just thought that I would show you a picture that my friend took on Tuesday night when we were out in Liverpool, it was the 1st time I had ever worn fake eyelashes as I was always worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear them under my glasses, but I think that I can safely say that I am a convert. I wore some last night as well for my friend’s birthday night out, which I shall so a post with some pictures on when my friends have put them up on Facebook. I went and bought some from Home & Bargain, (which some people might think is weird) but I didn’t want to spend too much in case I couldn’t wear them. They are actually really nice, I will do a review of them shortly, when I have worn them more, they were 2 pairs for £1.29 which I think is very good, I also bought another pair of thicker more dramatic ones which I haven’t tried yet so they will also be in the blogpost review.

I rarely like pictures of myself but I don’t mind this one,

Speak to you soon

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