Monday, 13 February 2012

My Experience With Contraception

Hi guys, I hope that you are all okay. I have really been trying to think of some things that I want to blog about; today when I have sat down in front of my laptop I had a real urge to blog.  One of the only things that I could think about writing about that I didn’t need to put any pictures in with is my experience with contraception. Which may sound like a very strange thing to write about but I would hope that my experiences may help somebody else.  I may end up going into detail in things so if you don’t really want to know then id stop reading now.
So, I started having my periods at around 14, which to me seemed really late as I was in year 10 in school, whereas most of my friends started when we were in year 8 at school, however I think that this had something to do with my height at that age. As until I was about 16 I don’t think that I was any taller than about 4 foot 6 inches.  Maybe I was a couple of inches bigger but not a lot. But pretty much as soon as they started I had terrible pains, which as time went on just kept getting worse. At the age of 15 I went on the pill, firstly was on Microgynon. After being on that for a few months having the normal week break, I started to constantly take it as my pains were not getting better unless I did that, which eventually made it 10 times worse, I used to have days at a time where I could hardly get out of bed and was using hot water bottles and pain killers like they were going out of fashion.
After this going on for over a year I went back to my doctor and she changed my pill to Femidine, Which I really didn’t get on well with. It made my skin worse, to the point of where it was practically acne; it completely changed my moods and didn’t help my pains at all. It also made my periods so much heavier and I wasn’t just on when I had my week where I didn’t take my pill, I never knew when it would be, I wasn’t on that one for very long when I changed to Brevinor, which was helping a bit but still didn’t sort out what the Femidine had started, I was still ‘spotting’ in between when I should have been on, however my pains were slightly better but I was still in agony a lot of the time, so my doctor prescribed me Mefenamic Acid. Which are pain killers that are quite strong, and they were helping a bit but on Brevinor I still had my periods and it made me miserable, my mood swinger were still bad and I ended up lashing out at people that I didn’t want to. I however did stay on Brevinor for quite a long time, until my pains started getting worse even with my Mefenamic Acid.
I went back to my doctor after that and then we started talking about other forms of contraception, I was very keen on having the implant, but my doctor was worried that my body might not respond to the hormones that were in it because I had tried many different pills beforehand and they hadn’t worked. So she prescribed me Cerezette, because this pill contains the same hormones as the implant, and you take it constantly without the week break. This meant that my periods ‘stopped’ completely, I say it in speech marks because they didn’t stop all together I probably had 1 every few months, but it wasn’t much, however I still had my pains, but they were a lot better and my Mefenamic Acid helped a lot. So at the end of January this year I decided that I wanted the implant, my doctor said that she was happy for me to go ahead with it as the Cerezette had been working well.
Anybody that knows me will tell you that I was the most scared person in the world about having the implant put in. I am scared of needles and I really hate pain, on top of that I bruise like a peach, so at nearly 20 years old I still made my mum come and hold my hand. I will swear to anybody that it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be, I scared myself more than anything. My doctor is one of the nicest women I have ever met and she was very good with me, she told me to put my hand behind my head so that she could get to my arm better and also so that I could turn my head away and not see what she was doing, firstly she injected some local anaesthetic into my arm and then left it to become numb. That did scratch a little bit but didn’t ‘hurt’ after that she put the implant in, which felt really weird; it just felt like a pushing, it honestly didn’t take much more than about 10 minutes. After it was done, my doctor put a plaster on to stop it bleeding and bandaged me up.
I have had it now for about 3 and a half weeks, and I can pretty much say so far it is the best thing I have had done, it was bruised for about 10 days and was a bit sore but now its healed and there is just a tiny scar, no bigger than 5mm. yes you can feel it in my arm, and it does creep a lot of people out but to me there is nothing wrong with it, it has helped me no end, my pains are not gone completely but with my Mefenamic Acid they don’t really bother me too much,  I would definitely recommend looking into it to anybody, I shall give you an update in a few months to see what I think  of it then, but on first impressions, it seems to be working me wonders, and I don’t see why I wouldn’t have it in for the full 3 years, by the time that it comes out I will be nearly 23, so at that time, depending on what situation I am in I may or may not have another one put in, because having children is very high up on my list of priorities  in the foreseeable future.
So I really hope that my story has either interested or helped some of you.
Lots of Love

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