Friday, 12 October 2012

7 Things For 7 Days ¦October 2012¦

So today I have been having a major blog fuddle, and decided to join in Sprinkle or Glitter’s ‘7 Things for 7 Days’ again! So here we go


Pass – my driving test this is! I have got it booked in just over a weeks’ time and I am soo nervous! I mean I know it’s not exactly something small but I am so determined to achieve this!  :) it is my 1st test so I have no idea what to expect, but I have been out in my car practicing with my granddad and having my normal lessons and everyone keeps telling me that I am doing well so *fingers crossed* and all that!

Save – money!! I am spending way too much money on things that I DO NOT NEED!! *going out as well but shhh*  seen as I'm going to be driving soon *hopefully* I am going to need money for petrol and stuff like that :) so yea that really needs to be done!

Stop – Smoking!!! Yes I know that it is such a bad habit!! But along the lines with wanting to save money, it is the biggest waste of money in the world! So far I am 2 days without a cigarette! I am majorly determined this time to do it!

Sort – I still have so many things under my bed in boxes from when we moved house and I am getting a bit fed up with it all just sat there! So I am going to become ruthless and get rid of things that I don’t need!

Prepare – my own tea or lunch! I absolutely love cooking and healthy food! But recently I have been just eating things that are easy to grab quickly. This doesn’t really help with the fact that I am trying to lose weight! :(

Gym – I used to absolutely love going to the gym! It made me feel so much better about myself and gave me so much more energy! I feel so bad because I haven’t been since we moved house! I really want to get back into going swimming and to the gym and get back down to the weight I want to be!

Make time – to do everything I want and need to do! I haven’t seen my friends in a very long time because of things that have been going on at the moment! I really want to make time to go and see them and have good catch ups, as well as getting all my work for college done and going to the gym and eating better! Man that does sound like a lot of stuff to do as well as going to work! Oh well!


Well there we go! There are my 7 things that I want to achieve! I can’t wait to see if I can actually achieve them all! It is going to probably be for the rest of the month but oh well! :)

Have any of you done your 7 things for 7 days?

Lots of Love

Beauty By Numbers

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