Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Loves Of Late ¦ October 2012 ¦

Good Morning Guys,

Once again I am sat up early because my dearest other half has to go to work early, however I see this as a great blogging opportunity! I have been catching up on my blog reading recently and I found ‘Loves of Late’ on Louise from SprinkleOfGlitter’s blog. And I absolutely thought the idea was amazing :) it made me smile so much thinking of everything that has been making me happy at the moment, so here we go! 

Wrapping up warm – I absolutely love it when it gets to autumn/winter! I am a bit of a scarf lover especially wooly scarfs! I have already swapped over all of my nice summery scarves for my knitted ones! I love fluffy socks and hoodies aswell! At last count I think I had 12 hoodies! (yes a little excessive I know!) I also loved it when last week I went to a bonfire at my local rugby club, it was my little brother’s 8th birthday on the same day so there was a massive gang of us (including 7 other 8 year olds) and it was soo cold! I got all wrapped up warm and started to feel really Christmassy!

Candles - I have been spending a lot more time in my bedroom than normal, and I actually don’t know why! But I still have my Pink Sands Yankee Candles out in my bedroom because I haven’t been to get any more wintery ones yet! If anyone has any suggestions of wintery candles let me know :) I just think that when it’s dark at night, which is now early in the UK, I love sitting watching the TV or on my laptop with my candles burning :) it makes me feel warmer for some reason!

Cuddling up – again along the same lines at the previous one, Me and Chris (My boyfriend) haven’t been going out as much as we were recently so we have been staying in, watching TV and eating! *hehe* but we have also been watching films and stuff like that! And as its getting so cold now just staying in and cuddling up watching TV makes me very happy!

Cooking – this isn’t just because its winter! I absolutely love cooking full stop! However recently I have been loving making soup! Which I think is because its winter! Soup just makes you feel so warm and snuggly! It also makes me feel like I'm being healthy too! Seen as all I put in my soup is vegetables and stock :) *yay for being healthy* 

Sorting – yes this is very random I know! But I go through stages of being very ruthless and getting rid of loads of things out of my bedroom! And at the moment I am in this mode! Sorting out all my clothes and just general stuff (in other words, crap) since we moved house like 3 months ago there is still some stuff that I haven’t organised yet or even looked at! (I know how bad is that?!) but over these next few weeks it is going to be sorted out and organised.

So these are my things that I have been loving of late! I really enjoyed writing this post, it made me feel happy! And who doesn’t like feeling happy! :D What have you guys been loving lately? 

Lots of Love

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