Monday, 18 June 2012

Mini Liverpool Haul

Hi Guys,
So today I went to Liverpool to hand my keys back in for my flat when I was at University. So me and my Nan decided that we would go for a little wander around the shops after we had finished. So here is a mini haul for you of what I got,

So first of all I bought Marie Claire magazine, which had a free Ciate nail polish in with it, I got the colour Purple Sherbet and I absolutely love the colour

Then I got the imPRESS press on manicure nails in a really pretty flowery design. Im really excited to try these out, I don’t think I have used ‘stick on’ nails since I was about 13.

I then got the M.A.C Studio Tech Foundation in NC15, I have wanted this for ages and actually decided to jump in and get it today.

Then this is a very random addition to this haul, I got the Bobble filter water bottle, I drink a lot of water and I already have a Brita filter jug in my fridge but my mum  bought one of these each for my Auntie and Uncle for Christmas and I have wanted one ever since, Yes I know its quite sad but I don’t really care! *hehe* I am all for weird and wonderful gadgets.

Lastly I got the Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry, this again has been something that I have wanted for a while but haven’t actually been able to find in the Boots or Superdrug near to me, so I was very excited when I found it today.

Anyway guys that Is it for my little haul today,

Have any of you guys bought any new products recently?

Lots of Love




  1. Ooo great haul! I love the colours of the products you have picked out :D The water bottles seems like a great product aswell xx


    1. Oh i am absolutely loving the bottle :) I have taken it to work with me everyday :) xx

  2. Great haul and I really like the colours of the nail polish :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Thanks very much :) i have worn both already and i love how they look :)