Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Owl??

Hi Guys,

So, this is going to be one of the most random posts that I have ever done! I was just sat in my bedroom listening to music and reading a few blogs when I thought that this would be a random post to share with you guys!

I have a little bit of a random obsession with owls at the moment, (how many times have I said random already *HAHA*) it all started with my Auntie! We are practically like best friends, and we have such a laugh together and a standing joke between us is anything that you would normally say ‘an’ infront of we say A. Confused? Well basically like

A egg

A envelope


Yes we are very strange but it just makes us laugh, and it is quite fun to try and say things like that because it does get a bit tricky, and it sounds hilarious!

So yea this is where it comes from, and basically at the moment everything owlish *real word?* I think is amazing!

I took this picture in HobbyCraft the other week, I sent it to my auntie off my phone because it’s a random thing we do.

Then when my Auntie and Uncle were away at a festival the other weekend she sent me this picture of my Uncle with a massive owl statue at the festival!

I am currently looking for an owl keyring and I also want a tshirt!

Yes I know that this is the most random thing ever but I just thought I’d share it with you!

Do any of you have a random obsession?

Lots of Love



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