Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Natural Hair?

Hi guys, as you may know last week it was quite lovely and sunny in the UK, and even though I was working I was getting into the summery spirit, I wacked out all of my maxi dresses and tried to get myself a little bronzed, but the main thing that I decided on was not doing anything to my hair, so I had been having it natural. This is something that I have never really done, as my hair seems to have a mind of its own! However I found a few products that helped alot with my hair.

This is what I managed to achieve and I actually quite like it.

These are the 3 products that I have been using after I wash my hair when I have been leaving it to dry naturally.

Aussie Dual Personality - Coloured Hair Protection + Shine Serum
Creightons Perfect Colour - Sleek Shine Balm
Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance - Leave-In Conditioner

If you hadnt guessed I have coloured hair! I also use colour shampoo and conditioner. Firstly I spray in the leave-in conditioner and then comb it through with a wide tooth comb, I then add a small amount of the Shine Balm and do the same thing, once I have done that I leave it to dry naturally. once my hair is completely dry I put one pump of the serum into my hands and rub them together, and then distribute this evenly all through my hair.

That is basically all I do to achieve this look,

If you would like to see the other hair products that I use then let me know,

Lots of Love


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